Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Experiments in Hair

Hello there!

While I've been away I've done plenty of experimenting with my hair, and every now and then have even remembered to snap a few photos to share with you! So here are some of my good (and bad) hair days from the last eight months.

One of the last photos from the awful old flat, when I was starting to work on brushing out curls. Not very tidy!

A few experiments with rolls, so far these on the fringe area are the only kind I have any kind of success with, I just can't get victory rolls to work yet! The curls in these aren't brushed well at all :P

The brushing out begins to improve!

And then, recently, I discovered this amazing page, which taught me the most wonderful, easy, quick vintage hairstyle, which I am now reliant upon.

This was my second attempt, the first was when my hair was still wet and it didn't work out so well! I just did a little quiff at the front for simplicity's sake.

While I was on holiday in Devon last week I wore this style nearly every day, usually combined with a little fringe roll. More of Devon to come!

And to bring things up to date, today's hair! This has become my everyday-so-long-as-I-can-be-bothered-to-set-it-the-night-before hair. See above for what I do when I can't!

Phew! I think that's enough for now :)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I'm Back!

Hello stranger! I have returned! What was supposed to be a few weeks break to move from our cold damp flat to a nice warm house, unfortunately turned into an eight month hiatus as we haven't been able to set up WiFi in the new place. Hopefully that will be remedied soon as hubby is starting an engineering degree and it will soon be essential! I'm very proud. In the meantime, I'm giving my mobile a chance to prove it's worth, and am determined to re-kick-start my little blog!

The new(ish) house is wonderful, it's just a little, reasonably modern, terraced house, but compared to the old flat, which was literally rotting around us, it is a little piece of heaven. And the extra room means I've been able to putour own stamp on the place. Every room has a theme, for example the sitting room is all pin ups, our bedroom is a boudoir, with wicker furniture and red bedlinen. Some themes are more complete than others, but we're adding to them all the time. I will do a post focussing on my favourite vintagey bits and pieces around the house very soon.

But for now, to prove I never forgot about my poor neglected blog, some snaps from the last eight months!

The very first outfit photo in our lovely house! Back in Feb/March time, so it was chilly. Faithful Jaeger skirt and Primarni cashmere mix jumper to the rescue, with my wooly beret and tights. I love wearing stockings, but some days only thermal tights will do! 

From a wonderful visit to Cardiff to visit my BFF. Springtime, so it wasn't that warm, but I was determined to make the most of the sunshine so wore this awesome spotty charity shop dress that always makes me happy. The sunglasses also made me happy as they were only 50p from Primarni :)

Enjoying some real summer weather in our back garden (did I mention we have a garden?!) in a playsuit I found in Birmingham Rag Market, and some wicked Matalan wedges

Ive been experimenting with baking too, presenting custard cream, Crunchie and Malteaser cupcakes!