Saturday, 19 January 2013

Outfit post number 1!

Well, I might as well get started right away! I am, however, going back a few days for this, the last two days I've been snowed in and wearing either pyjamas, which, though glam-ish, no one outside this house is seeing, or, if going outside, several woolly jumpers and Doc Martens.

So this outfit comes from Thursday, when the snow had just started and I was channelling The Princess from The G-string Murders:

The boots (which have a turned over top and little laces at the back that you can't see) I bought for £15 in a shop in my university town, sadly gone now. The faux fur coat (£10) faux fur hat (£4), fleece lined gloves (£1) and awesome Jaeger pencil skirt (£2) were all from Credit Crunchers, a wicked little vintagey shop in Birmingham. You have to be prepared to rummage for a while, but I've found some absolute gems there. 

And underneath:

Please excuse the rubbish hair, there is a pin curl in the front that you can't really see! Monsoon angora cardigan (£2) and knitted top with nice round neck and buttoned sleeves (£2) both from Credit Crunchers. I seem to have been a bit of a walking ad for them that day!

So, that is my attempt at staying warm yet stylish on the snowy streets of Birmingham!

Cherry x

Greetings and salutations!

Hello hello! I'm Mrs Stone, and I am starting this little blog as a record of my (hopeful!) transformation from a grungy caterpillar into a lovely vintage style butterfly. I emphasise style because it is not my intention to go full vintage, my tight purse strings and tendency to destroy clothes means I don't have the confidence (yet!) to wear a fully vintage wardrobe. However, I intend to prove that, with a little rummaging, both in shops and internets, you can at least get a reasonably authentic vintage look.

I have been collecting various vintage and retro bits and pieces for years, but I now want to start dressing full time in a more old-fashioned, ladylike manner. My main influence is the 1950's, with Bettie Page being my all-time style icon. However I have recently grown out my Bettie-bangs (nearly, I still have a rather short front section!) and am experimenting with pin-curling and, very tentatively, victory rolls. The 1940's are becoming a little more of an influence both in hair and clothes, so hopefully this will show in some of my posts. A blending of periods is not something I would dismiss at all either!

So, I mean to document my attempts at creating a vintage style wardrobe on a miniscule budget, using charity and thrift shops, as well as ebay and the like. I'm also becoming quite the housewife, so expect some posts on my homemaking attempts, with baking and some crafts likely!

Comments, hints and tips are very much welcomed!

Cherry x