Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Colour, shoes and lovely books!

Hello hello!

I hope you're in as good a mood as I am, we finally have decent bin bags (it's important to appreciate the small pleasures in life). Other small pleasures I am enjoying currently include a Harry Potter film and a dirty martini!

Yesterday I finally got out of my brown and black rut and got some bright red on! (with black, I'm not great at going full-on with colour)

My jacket, hat and skirt are recurring items that I don't appear to be able to dress myself without, but they're warm! Very important at the moment. I am however wearing a different skirt today, so look out for that tomorrow!

My hair was beautifully curled, but I got caught in the rain so it flopped. This is also why my lovely bright red shoes look maroon! They were £5 from the wonderful Seconds Ahead. Cardi was £6 from Primarni with a belt borrowed from a dress.

While sheltering from the rain I also picked up some very cute shoes for £5 from the rag market

More brown, but I do love it! It's the colour of chocolate, which is, surprisingly, one of my favourite things. I always get a couple of boxes of cherry liqueur chocolates at Christmas, people know me so well!

I also picked up some inspiration for my new housewifely role, in the form of the classic Mrs Beeton's Household Management

It was only £3.99 in Waterstone's, which considering the size of the thing is an absolute bargain! It has the approximate dimensions of a housebrick and is chock full of recipes and fascinating insights into Victorian life. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes, although I think I'll give the sheep's privates a miss! I have an absolute weakness for books, I love to read. Fiction is usually my thing but I can't resist an insight into the way people lived in days past.

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