Monday, 11 February 2013

Keeeping cozy...

Hello hello!

So I've been useless again, but I've been busy visiting my best friend in Cardiff. I didn't manage to get any photos of my outfits while there but I did pick up some lovely pencil skirts, a gorgeous pearl necklace and a little tea strainer for £1! I am officially in love with Cardiff, it has so many fabulous vintage shops and flea markets and little arcades with pretty things. I will attempt to show you these delights tomorrow when I can get the Mr to photograph them.

But first, proof that I own more than one skirt!

This one is a beautiful tweedy thing from Topshop, and so old it's practically vintage. Probably 2000-2001ish. Weirdly it's now too big and needs to be cinched with my trusty black elastic belt, a couple of quid from eBay years ago. Top is a very old Dorothy Perkins number that I adore, it goes with everything. The cardi was knitted for me by the mother of a truly awful ex-boyfriend, but his mother was sweet so I try to ignore the connections. The new shoes featured in the last post made their first appearance here too. I adore them, but will try to avoid wearing them everyday as they are so lovely I want to keep them intact!

Closer view of my lovely top and delightful hand knitted cardi. Rather wish I had some kind of editing skills to remove the crazy hair on the left but sadly I skived IT Skills so my computer abilities are limited!

It is currently snowing so It's possible my next post will be focused on pretty much anything rather than outfits as I imagine I'll be in as many layers as possible, and that may be hard to coordinate in any way that people need to see!

I hope you are all keeping warm and cozy in this chilly weather! I'll see if I can come up with some posts to warm your cockles :)

Cherry x

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