Monday, 18 February 2013

Valentines delights

Hello there!

I've been meaning to update this for several days as I wore some outfits over the Valentine's season that made me very happy. But I've been visiting my folks with the Mr and their internet is soo slow, and I just haven't had an opportunity. So now to catch up a bit!

On Thursday, Valentine's Day itself, we were a bit skint and couldn't really do anything fancy or buy each other anything. So we stayed in with a bottle of cheap fizz, and watched Valentine, the cheesy slasher flick, followed by Grease (we're a bit lacking in romantic films)

My pink fizz in a sweet vintage glass, one of a set I found in the rag market. Also showing a little bit of stocking top, saucy! And a glimpse of one of the skirts I picked up in Cardiff. This one was kindly conceded to me by my best friend in a charity shop. She found it but allowed me to buy it as I adored it. Full view coming up!

Husband also picked up some fancy popcorn, Butterkist cinema style, to munch while we watched the films. It really does have the taste and texture of cinema popcorn, and was a great treat. I particularly appreciated the retro packaging. I did take a photo but I can't seem to get it off my phone :P

But on to the outfit! Even though we weren't going out I decided to make the best of myself anyhow, I really don't need much of an excuse to dress up! I chose red accessories to suit the day

The skirt was £3.50 from a charity shop in Cardiff. I'm totally in love with it, it's so comfortable and goes with everything, and it's a very wearable length. I suspect I'm going to wear it to death. The blouse is a very old Dorothy Perkins number which I hadn't worn for ages. No idea why, it's lovely! The belt was a Seconds Ahead special which makes my waist tiny, always good for the self esteem :) Necklace and flower I believe were from Claires, they're ancient though so I may be mistaken.

I was very pleased with my hair that day. I used foam bendy rollers which I left in overnight, then brushed it out and sprayed it with lots of hairspray. My growing-out fringe makes for some nice waves on my forehead.

On Saturday we celebrated Valentine's Day properly, having received a paycheck we were able to go out for a meal, although we downloaded a voucher so it was bargainous as well as delicious!

This was the second skirt I bought in Cardiff. You can't really tell from this photo but it's navy blue pinstriped. Unfortunately it's a little too big, so I can't really tuck anything in. I solved that by wearing one of my favourite charity shop cardi's over it, belted to cinch the waist. It's nearly been worn to death, being both blue and black makes it so versatile. It's going to have to get seriously ragged before I give it up though!
I love my shiny blue shoes from New Look, I have had them forever but only worn them a couple of times as I never had anything to wear them with. I'm quite determined to remedy that now!

I had a disaster with my hair that day, I hadn't set my hair to curl the night before like I usually do, so I washed it, pin curled it, left it for 2 hours then blasted it with the hairdryer for about half an hour till it was dry. Apparently my hair was merely amused by this attempt to tame it, and the curls didn't even slightly hold. So, with minutes to spare, I shoved it into a ponytail, attempted to force my fringe into a curl and bunged in a clip to match my jewellery.

Speaking of which, this was the first time I've managed to wear normal earrings since taking out my 10mm plugs. It felt great, except I spent the whole time fretting about them falling through the still quite large holes! I still think stretched ears are fab, it was just time for them to go, and I have so many pretty earrings I can't wait to wear again.

I hope you all had a joyful and romantic Valentine's day!

Cherry x

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  1. Wonderful outfits both! I just love the grey and red ensemble. Grey, red and black seem to have been my most frequent go-to hues this winter (so much though that I reached a point where I actually consciously said to myself, "reach for some other colours today! :) ).

    Thank you very much for your immensely nice comment on my Valentine's outfit post, I really appreciate it, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica